Tabitha House was created in April 2016, and as such our initial focus has been on expanding the ministry areas in which the Church and Charity Shop were already active. This includes the following two ministries:

Lazarus: An outreach to approximately 150 homeless or jobless people. They receive food, supplies, counselling and assistance with employment opportunities by our dedicated staff and volunteers.

Ruth: An outreach to approximately 50 mothers in need. They receive nutrition & care packages for their babies, as well as counseling and care.

It is our aim to continually add new programs to our centre, particularly in areas of self-development and skills-training. As such we are planning to implement a Study Centre where the following types of activities could take place:

  • Adult Education & Training
  • Computer Literacy
  • Homework & extra-curriculum facilities for High-School children.

With your support we will be able to add additional ministries to the House, increasing our reach and effectiveness in the community!